I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1960.
I had taken photography and art classes in Jr. high.
My teacher challenged me by giving me difficult things to draw and photograph.
He always told me "you have the eye".
I went on to take advanced art classes in high school.

I had fun with photography throughout my life but never really got into
Doing art with it until the year of 2003.

The 'digital age' made it more appealing to me.
I found the medium for my expressions and
turned it into the art you see today.

Most of my art concepts come directly from my dreams.
I will have dreams about certain images over and over, until I get them created!
The images of the dream gets added to image by image.
Each artwork are linked to each other to form my dream story.

I donate percentage of my artworks each year to charity and fund - raisers.

I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Best Regards,
Stan T.

The Artist
Stan T. Creations